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What is Anodyne Therapy? Anodyne Helps Neuropathy

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are: a clinically proven, non-invasive, non-prescription treatment for symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Through a patented mechanism of action - the Anodyne® Therapy System emits infrared light (at a unique wavelength), that when used as directed, stimulates circulation and reduces discomfort of symptoms of both diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (PN).

Anodyne® Therapy has been approved by Health Canada to improve various neuropathic symptoms (click here to review our specific approval) and can help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!


How long are you going to wait to get help for your neuropathy?

News Report Featuring Anodyne® Therapy


Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Systems help relieve disturbances of skin sensation (such as pain and numbness) in patients with neuropathy because a majority of the underlying causes of neuropathy are directly related to poor circulation.


Diabetes, vascular disease (PVD and PAD), hypertension and atherosclerosis contribute to blood vessel narrowing and reduced blood flow to the extremities – leading to pain.


The use of Anodyne® Therapy helps to counterbalance microvascular blood vessel constriction or dysfunction brought on by these diseases. As these conditions are generally chronic in nature, treatments with Anodyne® Therapy must be continued for lifetime symptomatic relief.


Many neuropathies (like diabetic peripheral neuropathy) are progressive in nature - meaning they actually get worse as the years pass even when blood sugar levels are kept under control with medication and proper diet. Read More...

Not From Canada?

Anodyne® Therapy is approved by Health Canada for the treatment of neuropathic symptoms, as well as for increasing circulation and reducing pain.


Anodyne® Therapy is also available in Australia, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, the United States, and several islands in the Caribbean.


As regulatory clearances vary from country to country, there are various websites available with information that reflect specific local approvals, clinical cases and purchase information.


If you do not reside in Canada, please click on the map below to find a listing of websites where can find more information about Anodyne® Therapy in your country.



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