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Message From The President:



Thank you for visiting our website. Anodyne Therapy LLC is an industry leader in light therapy products and drug-free pain relieving technology, and its Anodyne® Therapy System was the first light therapy product cleared by the FDA (1994).


After almost 10 years of clinical success in the United States, we are pleased to now offer both our Professional Model 480 and our Model 120 Home systems to citizens of Canada.


Anodyne Therapy® systems are specifically approved by HEALTH CANADA for treatment of neuropathic pain and sensory disturbances.

The effectiveness of the Anodyne® Therapy System is well documented on relief of neuropathic symptoms, as well as other conditions and based on 21 clinical studies that have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. To review abstracts of our published clinical data, please visit our Clinical Research Page.

Today, nearly 40,000 customers rely on Anodyne® Therapy Products for relief from neuropathic symptoms, as well as other types of acute and chronic pain - a tribute to the effectiveness of our technologies.  Our Anodyne® Therapy customers include the US Military, Veterans Administration Hospitals, professional and collegiate sports teams, doctors and the largest providers of outpatient and home based physical therapy in the United States. 

Most importantly, our customers are also patients - who trusted Anodyne® Therapy to improve their quality of life that had been impaired by peripheral neuropathy and other types of pain. We receive so many unsolicited testimonials every month from patients just thanking us for the ‘gift of pain relief’ that our products have provided them. You can read and listen to patients stories by visiting our Testimonials Page.

Anodyne Therapy® Systems are manufactured in our Tampa Florida facility. Here, we uphold to the highest US and international quality standards, and are audited by and approved to ISO13485 for the design, manufacture and servicing of medical equipment. Our products cleared by the FDA for distribution in the USA.

Anodyne Therapy LLC is a privately owned company, we are highly focused on the satisfaction of our customers. While individual patient response to any medical product differs, surveys consistently demonstrate that users of Anodyne® Therapy are highly satisfied with our products and customer support.


If you need any assistance or support, please feel free to call us at 1-800-521-6664 or submit your information on our Contact Us Page, we'll be sure to get right back to you!



Craig Turtzo

President and CEO

Anodyne Therapy LLC