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Sale on Neuropathy Treatment Model 120Peripheral Neuropathy makes life difficult!


Neuropathy is most times very painful and can have a profound effect on the quality of your life. Many people report that neuropathy makes everyday activities such as going to the grocery store, socialising with friends, exercising or playing with children or grandchildren - painful and uncomfortable.


People who have severe neuropathy may become homebound - and as a result - often become isolated and depressed.

Neuropathic Symptoms

Pins and needles or tingling sensations your legs, feet, arms or hands?
Burning, stabbing, or shooting pain?
Pain while walking, standing or wearing shoes?
Pain that disturbs your ability to get a good nights rest?
Undesired side effects from neuropathy medications?


Until recently, patients with peripheral neuropathy were given no hope for treatment. Your doctor may have already told you that there is nothing that you can do - and that you must try to LIVE with the numbness and pain.


Whether you exhibit some or all of the symptoms above, we have great news for you.


Tens of thousands of patients have found relief ...


Thanks to a clinically - proven peripheral neuropathy treatment - the Anodyne® Therapy System!



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What are Anodyne® Therapy Systems?



Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are clinically proven, non-invasive, non-prescription treatment for symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.


Through a patented mechanism of action - the Anodyne® Therapy System emits infrared light (at a unique wavelength), that when used as directed, stimulates circulation and reduces discomfort of symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (PN).


Exceptional clinical outcomes have been documented over 21published peer reviewed studies - 12 of which are directly related to peripheral neuropathy symptoms such a pain, numbness and falls. To review abstracts and full text articles, click here to visit our Clinical Research Page.


With Anodyne® Therapy You Can:
Relieve your neuropathic symptoms at home- without drugs or a prescription
Improve local circulation - essential for a lifetime of healthy feet (and hands)
Improve your balance and avoid a painful or bone shattering fall



Model 120 - Neuropathy Treatment System


The Anodyne® Therapy Home System (Model 120) is safe and very easy to use. This model combines the effectiveness of Anodyne® Therapy Professional Systems - with added safety features and an easy to use application system for patient in-home treatment of neuropathy.

• Model 120 Systems consist of a Control Unit and four Therapy Pads.


• Therapy Pads have 60 infrared diodes and are each about the size of a playing card.


• Model 120 Systems are pre-set to emit 3480 mW of energy.


• Therapy Pads are placed in contact with the skin and attached with comfortable Velcro straps or the Lower Extremity Application System (FREE).


• Flexible Therapy Pads can be removed from the Lower Extremity Application System and placed anywhere on your body where you have pain.



Anodyne® Therapy is APPROVED by Health Canada for:
Temporarily reducing disturbances of skin sensation due to diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies
Used adjunctively with physical therapy, temporarily increases balance and fall risk of patients with diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies
Temporarily increases local circulation and reduces pain



How do Anodyne® Therapy Systems Help Treat Neuropathy?



Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Systems help relieve disturbances of skin sensation (such as pain and numbness) due to diabetic and peripheral neuropathy because a majority of the underlying causes of neuropathy are directly related to poor circulation.


Diabetes, vascular disease (PVD and PAD), hypertension and atherosclerosis contribute to blood vessel narrowing and reduced blood flow to the extremities – leading to pain.


As Anodyne® Therapy increases circulation, its use helps to counterbalance microvascular blood vessel constriction or dysfunction brought on by these diseases, however, as these conditions are generally chronic in nature - treatments with Anodyne® Therapy must be continued for lifetime symptomatic relief.


Many neuropathies (like diabetic peripheral neuropathy) are progressive in nature - meaning they actually get worse as the years pass even when blood sugar levels are kept under control with medication and proper diet.


Nerves and the blood vessels work together.  Nerves control dilation and constriction of the blood vessels.  In order to function properly, the nerves need adequate blood flow.  If blood flow is reduced, the nerves may cause constriction of the blood vessels, which further reduces the blood flow - causing what is known as 'ischemic pain'. 


Eventually, the nerves can simply die, due to lack of oxygen and nourishment from the blood


When nerves die, it causes patients to experience another common symptom of neuropathy - numbness, or lack of protective sensation as it is referred to in clinical terms. Numbness - is very dangerous - as patients without sensation are more likely to fall and develop foot ulcers. Statistics show that this numbness is experienced by 2/3 of diabetic patients over the course of their disease!


As you can see, maintaining proper blood circulation is vital to the function of the nerves in your extremities (hands and feet). Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy can help to increase local blood circulation - possibly even preventing future complications!





It is Easy to Treat Symptoms of Neuropathy

With the Model 120:


1. Grab your favourite book - or turn on your favourite TV programme


2. Slide your foot in the Soft Shoe


3. Attach 2 Therapy Pads to the included Leg Attachment Strap


4. Wrap the leg attachment strap around your calf - or thigh


5. Elevate your legs, turn the System "ON" then relax and enjoy


6. Repeat for other leg




*Lower Extremity Application System Included




See what Dr. Lawrence Harkless - a leading world expert on the diabetic foot - has to say about Anodyne® Therapy:




What do Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Feel Like?


Patient response varies to the Anodyne® Therapy System, however...

Many patients report they can tell a difference after the first treatment!


Most patients experience a soothing warmth during their Anodyne® Therapy treatments.  Some patients do experience a tingling sensation or slight discomfort at first.  This is a good sign as it indicates that the blood flow is increasing to the area. This feeling generally goes away after the fist 3-6 treatments.


In the first 90 days after delivery, you will use the Anodyne® Therapy neuropathy treatment system for 30 minutes on each leg - every day. You can use your System while sitting in your favourite chair watching tv, or while laying on the couch reading a book!


After 90 days, many patients reduce their treatment times to 3x per week, or as needed maintenance for their neuropathic symptoms.


Please note, similar to the idea that some medications have to be taken continually; Anodyne® Therapy is a treatment - and not a cure. This system only works while it is being used - and if you stop using it completely - your symptoms will likely return.


Warning: As this is a thermal modality - there is a slight risk of a superficial burn. Patients with a sensitivity to silver metal should not use this product. Furthermore - patients with active cancer or malignancy in their legs or feet should also not use this product. Diabetic patients that are able to increase activity levels as a result of using this product - should check their blood sugars regularly.



The Anodyne® Therapy System is truly a breakthrough treatment -

providing real results to tens of thousands of REAL PEOPLE.



Click the play button below to hear what Mr. Nunnelley (actual owner of an Anodyne® Therapy System) has to say about his treatment experience!

"When I started using it, the feeling in my feet was almost none - now I have complete feeling and no pain" H.N. (Alabama, USA)


Read and hear more REAL patient testimonials by visiting our Testimonials Page.



By using Anodyne® Therapy as directed, you too may be able to substantially reduce your chronic neuropathic symptoms that have been nagging you for years and be our next patient success story.




Start crossing neuropathy symptoms off your list - start your Anodyne® Therapy TODAY!






Sleepless nights


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