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"84% of diabetic neuropathy patients are
dissatisfied with their current treatment options due to
lack of efficacy (52%), side effects (18%) or cost (14%).”

Source: Harris Interactive BOLD (Biology of Leg Disorders Survey) – “Leg Disorders: Patient Behavior & Physician Effectiveness” – Professional Postgraduate Services, 2008.




Anodyne® Therapy Systems are infrared light therapy devices that have been clinically proven to reduce the discomfort of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (PN) symptoms by stimulating circulation and improving sensation to the nerves in the extremities. Learn more about Infrared Light Therapy - click here.


Through a patented mechanism of action - the Anodyne® Therapy System emits infrared light out of super luminous light emitting diodes. This wavelength of light is absorbed into the tissues and blood vessels of the body and causes blood vessels to relax. This light also it triggers the release of nitric oxide, a natural pain killer, into the blood.


Exceptional clinical outcomes have been documented in over 21 published peer reviewed studies - of which - 9 are directly related to neuropathy and reduction of neuropathic symptoms. Review our clinical research and learn in more detail about the mechanism of action of Anodyne Therapy - click here.


Just as pain medications are a treatment - not a cure for chronic pain - Anodyne® Therapy is a treatment that must be continued for ongoing symptomatic relief.



Anodyne® Therapy is approved by Health Canada for:
Temporarily reducing disturbances of skin sensation due to diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies.
Used adjunctively with physical therapy, temporarily increases balance and fall risk of patients with diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies.

Temporarily increases local circulation and reduces pain.

To view a copy of our actual Health Canada Approval click here.



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Model 480


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Adjustible Energy Output

1 Pad: up to 1020 mw

8 Pads (Device Total): up to - 8160 mw

Energy Density
Setting: 10 Bars Time: 45 min = 122.4 Joules/cm2
890 nm
Area Size

1 Pad: 22.5 cm2

8 Pads (Device Total): 180 cm2

# of Diodes

1 Pad: 60

8 Pads (Device Total): 480

Type of
Infrared aluminum gallium arsenide high-speed
Pulsed Energy
292 times per sec
Product Weight
8 lbs
Hands Free?
Yes - easily
Yes - 2 years



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Safety and Precautions


Anodyne® Therapy may be used over or near:
Anodyne® Therapy may NOT be used over or near:
Any part of the body - including the spine
Active cancerous tumors
Metal implants, plates, pins and screws
The womb during pregnancy
Topical heating or cooling agents, or their residuals
Pain patches, or their residuals



Anodyne® Therapy has no known drug interactions or side-effects. However, please review these precautions:
Anodyne® Therapy is an infrared-thermal modality, and thus, there is a slight risk of a superficial burn.
When treating patients with circulatory compromise and peripheral neuropathy: Sometimes there is a slight increase in tingling or burning initially as blood flow increases. This typically resolves within the first 6-8 treatments.
When treating patients with with diabetes: advise patients to monitor blood sugars more regularly IF you are also increasing activity levels.



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Treatment Protocols



Tx Time
Tx Frequency
Number of Tx Pads
Peripheral Neuropathy
30-35 minutes
3 x per week - lifetime home maintenance
4 per limb
Back Pain
20-30 minutes
2 - 3 x per week until condition resolves
As needed (4+)
Neck Pain
20-30 minutes
2 - 3 x per week until condition resolves
As needed (2+)
Hand/Wrist Pain
20-30 minutes
2 - 3 x per week until condition resolves
As needed (2+)
Plantar Foot Pain
20 -30 minutes
2 -3 x per week until condition resolves
2 per affected foot

*These treatment protocols are just an approximation, for full treatment instructions, please refer to our Product User Manual.


Important Notes:


Anodyne® Infrared Therapy systems are a neuropathy treatment and ARE NOT a cure for neuropathy. Chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, will require ongoing use of a home system to provide patient long-term symptomatic relief.


Tight blood glucose control and excercise can prolong periods of relief - however - in general - patients will need follow up treatments or to purchase a system for in-home use.

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy should generally be provided along with other skilled therapy interventions that are needed to improve function based on the patient’s assessment and personal goals.
Some patients feel pain relief in the first treatment, while others need 6 or more treatments to feel improvement. Generally speaking, if patients have not felt some improvement within 12 treatments, infrared therapy may not be effective for their condition.
Longer standing conditions may require more frequent treatments and/or longer duration than 4 weeks.




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Healthcare Professionals will receive the Step Up Implementation Package - which includes:


A comprehensive educational package including a training video, web-based training for ongoing certification, printed training materials and post-test.
Access to protocols that work – and a product that offers the ultimate in flexibility, so that you can treat any painful body area with ease, hands-free!
Personal online training webinar with Training Specialist from Anodyne Corporate (Upon new unit purchase)
Comprehensive Clinical Implementation Guide and Tools such as documentation forms, treatment guidelines, suggested adjunctive therapy protocols and more!

Step Up Marketing Guide – with proven techniques to market your program
Access to Password Protected Marketing Area - customizable advertisements, scripts, and photos
Supply of physician and patient educational brochures
Continuous loop marketing and promotional DVD










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With an installed base of over 30,000 customers, Anodyne® Therapy has earned the trust of patients, therapists and physicians worldwide. Consider these facts:
Anodyne® Therapy is the only infrared therapy device with 15 studies published documenting the efficacy of our product design, wavelength, photo-energy output and patented photo energy flexible array application process.
Over 6,000 healthcare institutions offer Anodyne® Therapy including many hospitals and teaching institutions.
Larger surface area than most infrared/laser therapy devices
More cost effective than other infrared/laser therapy devices
Hands free modality, requires no attendance like other infrared/laser therapy devices
Neither operators treating with, nor patients receiving Anodyne® Therapy need to use protective eye-wear
Model 480 8 Pad System is lightweight and portable
Home units available for patients with chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy
Anodyne® Therapy Step Up Marketing Program with customizable materials for promotional use
Website Referral Program



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Product Pricing


Professional Systems – Canadian Professional Customers


Healthcare Professional pricing for our Model 480 8 Pad System can be obtained by calling toll free 1-800-521-6664 or by completing the Contact Us Form below. Pricing is not provided on this website.

Pre-Payment Discounts Available
Volume Discounts Available (2+ units)


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