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Numerous media outlets have published stories on Anodyne Therapy Systems - due to their effectiveness for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. These news videos and articles can be viewed below.






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Dear Dr Gott-You Have Written About Peripheral Neuropathy. Florida Healthcare News Fall 2008 - Anodyne Therapy
Dear Dr. Gott - Anodyne Therapy Helps Peripheral Neuropathy Florida Healthcare News Spring 2008 - Anodyne Therapy
DLIFE.com - Anodyne Neuropathy Florida Healthcare News Winter 2009 - Anodyne Therapy
Podiatry Today - Is Anodyne Therapy the Answer for Peripheral Neuropathy? Voice of the Diabetic- Anodyne Therapy and Peripheral Neuropathy
Bnet.com - Anodyne Therapy Restores Sensation in Peripheral Neuropathy The Daily Statesman: New therapy at MSH returns feeling to diabetic's limbs
EHow.com-Anodyne Light Therapy for the treatment of Leg Pain Anodyne Therapy for Neuropathy
Atlanta Hospital News - Anodyne Therapy: A New Breakthrough in the Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Smallfiberneuropathy.net - Anodyne Therapy: A Technological Way to Cure Small Fiber Neuropathy
Wellness.com - Anodyne Therapy Educational Article Diabeteshealth.com - Keeping Your Toes and Feet Healthy
Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center - Anodyne Therapy New Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy
USA Weekend - Diabetics Heal Faster With Light HealthCentral.com - Foot Saving Gadgets
Peripheral-neuropathy-help.com -Using Anodyne for Neuropathy Treatment Detox-for-life.com- Anodyne Therapy

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Neuropathy Trust (Europe) - Anodyne Therapy Clinical Experience Bowling Green Daily News - Anodyne Therapy: Treatment improves circulation...
Daily Record (Scotland) - Pins and Needles Not A Sore Point Now Diabetes Self Management - Monochromatic Infrared Energy - New Hope for Painful, Numb, Feet?
The Bronx Times - Westchester Square PT and Anodyne Therapy Daily Southtown - ...Anodyne Therapy Proving Successful in Counteracting Neuropathy
Gainesville Sun - New Therapy Offers Relief for Feet



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